Newsflash!  22.10.20  We are delighted to have been invited by the Kensington Business Forum to take part in a podcast.  Learn more about Lucy and the magazine - behind the scenes for the past 14 years!  Just click on the bar on the right hand ... enjoy!





With all that is currently happening, it is nice to learn of all the pockets of help that organisations or individuals perform here in Kensington.  In this edition we explore these in more detail and hope that you learn something new, or indeed that it might inspire you to help in some shape or form.


If you want to learn more about the magazine and how it is placed in the community, please click on the podcast link above.


We are currently working on our combined December/January edition themed 'The social history of a Victorian Christmas'.  If you have any thoughts or contribution to this edition, please either email me or call or 07921 558520.

In the meantime, keep safe.